Case study
1 month
42 interiors
14 exteriors
high quality
56 pictures
42 interiors
14 exteriors
High-end 3D visualisations
for a leading residential property developer in Europe

The client singled us out as one of the best contractors they have worked with.
Bonava is a leading residential property development company in Europe that has been developing and selling quality homes since the 1930s.
1 month
56 pictures
42 interiors
14 exteriors
They required highly detailed visualisations and elaboration of materials, along with interior and decor elements that conveyed the stylistic direction of the company and its recognisable brand style.

This was a large-scope project that required high attention to detail and assumed a high workload of our studio employees. A project of this size would usually take around 2.5 months to complete but the client needed the renderings in just over 1 month.
42 interiors
14 exteriors
high quality
The aim of the project was to make high-quality renderings
in a Scandinavian style.
For the interiors:
3D visualisation artist was responsible for creating the 3D visuals of all the finishing materials and the other for creating the 3D visuals of all furniture.
For the exteriors:
The model was completely filled and textured. This was then sent by the architect to checkout before starting
work on the visualisation.
Following an in-depth discussion with the client, we decided to:
Any questions about the workflow were quickly resolved through Steam. This platform was connected to several specialists from the customer’s and the contractor’s teams.
All comments were made in the presentation, which is
where all the stages of work were collected. This meant
all parties involved could see the workflow, compare the work being completed, leave comments, and respond to queries in real time.
A folder was created where all relevant information was uploaded and shared. This meant the client and the contractor could see any updates to the project in real time.
Deliver the work in 3 drafts, with clear deadlines set for each draft to avoid delays. We maintained effective communication with the client throughout the project using Microsoft Teams.
Instruct BIM specialists to optimise the existing model and enhance 3D visualisation.
Divide the workload between three 3D visualisation artists (two worked on the interiors and one worked on the exteriors).
We arranged a meeting with Bonava after completion to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the project, along with recommendations for further cooperation.

All in all, we received very positive feedback and the client was especially impressed that we met the deadline while still providing high-end renderings. They also commented on the quality of our communication process and said that we were one of the best contractors they have worked with.

We have been instructed to deliver further work by Bonava following the success of this project and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
The project was delivered
on time thanks to detailed preparatory work, clear communication with the client, and an agreed work process.